Rent-A-Port SA

AvH: 72,2%

(€ 1.000) 2017 2016
Chiffre d'affaires 4.459 4.309
EBITDA -4.234 -2.334
EBIT -4.659 -2.373
Résultat net -5.991 4.423
Fonds propres (part groupe) 36.508 45.788
Trésorerie nette -12.334 -7.620
Total du bilan 55.023 61.664

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Beneficial interest AvH: 72,2%
AvH Contact: Koen Janssen

Together with partners, Rent-A-Port develops greenfield projects for the construction of ports and associated industrial zones. In this context, Rent-A-Port also manages the associated utilities (electricity, water, waste collection and waste water treatment).

Informations extraites du rapport annuel 2017

As in previous years, the activities of Rent-A-Port in Vietnam were profitable. However, since less land was available for sale, sales decreased. The result of Rent-A-Port (-6.0 million euros) was also impacted by exchange losses and by costs from the development of new projects in renewable energy.

The infrastructure in the industrial zone of Dinh Vu (Vietnam) is largely developed. Already more than 60 industrial customers are making use of the facilities on a recurrent basis. Rent-A-Port has also acquired important positions for the development of additional neighbouring industrial zones. Rent-A-Port is well positioned to be entrusted with the management of more than 4,000 hectares of industrial land. These are all located near the new port of Lach Huyen, the only deep-sea port (-14 m) in North Vietnam. The completion of a dike in Nam Dinh Vu ('Deep C-II Concession') has led to an accelerated delivery of new industrial sites. Rent-A-Port acquired the entire share of the Belgian International Investment Company (BMI) in December 2017.

The infrastructure in Oman and Qatar has not yet been developed sufficiently to serve a critical mass of customers. The infrastructure work at the port of Duqm (north and south) in Oman is progressing well, however. The completion of the port is expected by 2020. The port should also become profitable from that point onwards, and there should be sufficient industrial customers to further expand the utility facilities.

In Qatar, the contract with regard to the cement-unloading installation in Messaieed continues until mid-2018. Due to the boycott of Qatar by its neighbouring countries, the award of the 5-year contract for the operation of the Gabbro Terminal in Messaieed to Rent-A-Port was unfortunately withdrawn.

The port project in the Netherlands will be finished in 2018. The 3 private partners (including Rent-A-Port) will sell their share in this project in April 2018.

In the meantime, Rent-A-Port Green Energy has started a number of concrete initiatives in Oman, Belgium and Vietnam. The associated development costs have already been included in the figures.

Rent-A-Port expects to expand further in the coming years, thanks to the mature and profitable projects in Vietnam and to the further expansion of projects in Oman, Belgium and Qatar that are not profitable at the moment.